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Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex

Department seeks community consultation on the Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex

Director General Adam Tomison has invited residents and business owners in Armadale and surrounding suburbs to register their interest in joining a Community Reference Group for the new Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex.

“The new complex will provide the people of Armadale and surrounding communities with an exceptional building with first-class facilities,” Dr Tomison said.

“The Justice staff administering the community reference group will play an important role in communicating the diverse views of the local community to the project team.”

The new complex site is bound by Third Road, South Western Highway and Thomas Street, and will accommodate a new courthouse and police station.

Community Reference Group members may be asked to provide input on various aspects of the project, with an emphasis on the courthouse. Consultation topics will include:

  • public areas within the complex
  • some internal design elements
  • public art.

Six community members will be selected to join the CRG. The group will also include representatives from key community organisations.

Armadale's new Courthouse and Police Complex

A new $86 million courthouse and police complex is planned for Armadale.

The selected site is bound by Third Road, South Western Highway and Thomas Street, just behind Armadale Shopping City.

Improved services and facilities

The courthouse will provide:

  • Modern and safe environment for delivery of court services.
  • State of the art video conferencing and digital recording facilities.
  • Five courtrooms and pre-trial conference room.
  • Separate and secure facilities for victims of crime.

The police complex will provide:

A contemporary environment for the delivery of police services to the Armadale police district.

  • Modern detainee interview and public interview rooms.
  • A modern custodial facility.
  • Dedicated specialist areas to support the law enforcement role.


Construction is expected to begin in 2019 and be completed in 2021.

The project will involve a brand new facility which will create an important civic landmark in the centre of Armadale.

There will be a shared custody area between the courthouse and police complex, improving security and efficiency of custodial services.


The Armadale community will be consulted throughout the project.

A community reference group, consisting of residents, local interest groups, and business owners will represent the views of the community in the creation of the complex.

The community reference group will play a vital role in communicating the diverse views of the local community to the project team.

Last updated: 16-Jan-2018

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